My name is Umair Khan and I'm currently an undergraduate student double-majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics at Portland State University.

Aside from classes, I spend most of my time working in either the teuscher.:Lab or in the Reichow Lab.

I also help out at the Portland State Aerospace Society, working on the star tracker and cirrus imager instruments for OreSat, Oregon's first satellite.

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Cx46/50 Mutagenesis

Working with Bassam Haddad and Steve Reichow, I conducted and analyzed mutagenesis simulations of the connexin 46 and 50 gap junction isoforms to investigate the effects of the N-terminal domain on ion permeation and energetics.

bioRxiv | Biophysical Journal

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One-Pixel Attack

I worked with Walt Woods and Christof Teuscher to refine an adversarial technique against convolutional neural networks known as the "one-pixel attack" and developed a heatmap method for evaluating attack efficacy.


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The Portland State Aerospace Society is creating OreSat, Oregon's first satellite. I'm developing the star tracker, which calculates bearing in space, and working on the Cirrus Flux Camera, which will capture novel images of the cirrus layer.

OreSat | PSAS

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A PyTorch implementation of the Super-Resolution Convolutional Neural Network published in 2014. In addition to creating a simple command-line interface, I also provide pre-trained networks for zoom factors 2 through 8.


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A web app built with React and Grommet that lets the user rank any media based on a series of binary matchups. I use the TMDb API to pull in rich contextual data and the TasteDive API to provide content recommendations.

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A little Python utility to change your wallpaper based on the time of day. Adjusts to sunrise and sunset times based on your location. Works with the GNOME desktop environment. Find some time-shifting wallpapers and try it out!


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Springer Auto Download

In response to the COVID-19 situation, Springer has released over 400 books covering a wide variety of subjects free to download and keep. Use this quick Python script to automatically download the ones you're interested in.